From the creation to the complete redesign through the improvement and the declination of your company logo, ICON.MA realizes all the steps of creation of this essential tool to your communication.
True digital signature, your logotype is the avatar of your company. ICON.MA offers you to conceptualize your company’s identity in a visual element in a relevant way and that will mark your imprint and your identity in the mind of the user.

From the font to the elaborate graphic creation, from the geometry to the choice of the colors, ICON.MA guarantees a finished work and compatible with your expectations, your activity, your target and your graphic charter.

Classic or creative, your logo will be a major component of your web solution and the raw graphic representation of your company’s identity image.

With more than 200 projects, ICON.MA brings you a know-how combining creativity, digital strategy and communication standards such as color codes, the impact of fonts .

Who better than the agency elected best designer of logos in Tangier

2018 and 2019 to design your logo ?


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