In ICON.MA we believe in balancing creativity and strategy in order to create unique projects.

Our expertise in communication, social media marketing, branding and advertising has allowed us to work with many of the most relevant international brands.

We are a creative communication agency specialized in strategic consultancy, advertising, online marketing, printing, video production …

We’re ICON.MA, a full-service Branding and Innovation agency. We combine actionable insights, strategy and creative drive to build successful brands.

Over 7 years experience helping unique brand ideas and businesses grow. Morocco and Africa. Based in Tangier with a regional focus including Spain, France, Belgium …

While most agencies lay claim that they are ‘the best branding agency in Morocco’, we beg to differ. Meaningful brand experiences are not easy to craft. They involve an in-depth understanding of ‘the business’, ‘the industry’, ‘the region’, ‘the culture’ and ‘the target audience’. 

Vous avez des questions concernant votre projet? Je me ferai un plaisir de vous aider.
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